The 80 Acres

Event Venue for weddings, proms, class reunions, meetings, family reunions, birthday parties, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the booking fee? 

Booking fees vary depending on the type of event you schedule.  The fee is required to hold your date and is nonrefundable.

            Weddings- $750.00

            4 hour event- $300.00

 How long do we get to utilize the building?

 Friday & Saturday Weddings:           Friday:  1pm until 7pm

                                                  Saturday:10am until midnight, including clean up


Friday or Saturday Only:                Day before:  1hour rehearsal, exact time TBD

                                                    Day of: 10am until midnight, including clean up

Additional hours may be purchased at the rate of $150.00 per additional hour


Do you provide tours of your facility?

Absolutely- and at no charge!  We love seeing brides and their families fall in love with The 80 Acres!  Tours are available by appointment Monday – Friday.  Most tours are held between 4:00pm and 6:00pm.  We can accommodate some Saturday tours depending on our event calendar for the weekend.  We do not do tours on Sunday.  Call 903-572-8022 and leave a message for availability. 

Will a staff member from The 80 Acres be present during our event?

Yes,  Someone with The 80 Acres will be present during your event.  For weddings a staff member will be present the day before while you decorate and the day of your event.  This person will do minor clean up as the party goes along and will be present to lock the facilities following your departure.


What is the security deposit?

A $500.00 refundable security deposit is due two weeks before your event.  The security deposit will be held until your event date, not deposited.  This deposit will be returned after an inspection of the building.  If damage has been found the security deposit will not be returned and the client will be billed and held responsible for the additional damages.  Any clean up not done before the end of your rental will be deducted from the security deposit.

 Are partial refunds given?

NO, partial refunds are not given.  If your event is shut down early for any reason deemed appropriate by The 80 Acres, Security Guards or local Law Enforcement on the premises, the Rentee will not be reimbursed any monies from The 80 Acres and the security deposit is forfeited and will be retained by The 80 Acres.  Additionally, if the local law enforcement or any other governmental agency has to come to The 80 Acres for any reason during your event, you shall forfeit your deposit.


What happens during unforeseen events?

 The rentee cannot hold The 80 Acres responsible for failure to provide the basic facilities and services due to emergencies, catastrophes or interruptions of public utilities.  If an Act of God renders the facility unusable due to destruction The 80 Acres will allow for the event to be rescheduled within a time frame designated by The 80 Acres, pending availability, with no penalty. Cancellations due to inclement weather will not be considered for refunds or rescheduling.


Event Set-up Limitations

All property belonging to the rentee, guests, agents and sub-contractors, and all equipment shall be delivered, set up and removed on the day of the event. Should the rentee need earlier access for set-up purposes, this can be arranged for an additional fee. The rentee is ultimately responsible for property belonging to the rentee, guests, agents and subcontractors.  If you, your vendors, family or friends are still cleaning or packing up after your rental time has ended there will be an additional fee.  This will be deducted from your security deposit (one hour minimum).

Who is responsible for cleanup?

 The 80 Acres facility should look as it was when you arrived.  If these areas are not cleaned up the night of your event and during your rented time, your deposit may be forfeited.  The cleaning time is part of your total “event time".  We suggest you allow 1 hour for clean up and removal.  All property belonging to the rentee, guests, agents and sub-contractors, shall be removed by the end of the rental period.  Should the rentee need special consideration for the removal of property beyond the rental period, this can be arranged prior to the beginning of the event for an additional fee.  The 80 Acres is not responsible for any property left behind by the rentee, guests, agents and sub-contractors.  A clean up checklist is provided in this contract.


May we bring our own decorations?

You are welcome to bring in your own decorations. There are however certain restrictions on the type of decorations and methods of securing decorations.  No objects shall be hung from the chandeliers or fans, no exceptions.  The following are examples of decorating items that are not allowed:  tape of any kind, tacks, staples, nails, glues of any kinds, confetti or glitter.  Paint of any kind is not allowed.  Please refrain from using gum on your candy tables.  We ask that you be considerate of your rental time.  Please inform your family, the wedding party and any outside vendors (photographer, videographer, etc) that they will be allowed in to set up or prepare, but only during the time arraignments in your contract.  The doors will not be open for your event until the agreed upon scheduled time. 


Can I bring in my own tables & chairs?

You are not allowed to bring in your own tables & chairs until you have rented all that we have in stock.  We currently have 320 chairs, 20 round tables and 22 rectangular tables. Example: You need 350 chairs for your guests.  After you have rented all 320 of our chairs you may then go to another vendor and rent 30chairs.  You are responsible for making arrangements with that vendor to deliver and pick-up your rented items during your scheduled rental time.  Additional charges will be applied for events that have more than 300 total guests.   

How many guests can your banquet hall and pavilion accommodate?

The number of guests varies depending on which tables you use round or rectangular and if you intend on dancing in the center of the room.  We have comfortably seated 300 guests.  Our banquet hall is approximately 3,800 square feet.  The pavilion guest seating also depends on how you wish to set up the chairs for the ceremony.  Our pavilion is approximately 3,200 square feet.

Are pets allowed?

No.  Pets are not allowed on the premises with the exception of service dogs.

What is allowed for the Couples exit?

Bubbles and bird seed are permitted only on the pathway to parking lot.  Bubble containers must be disposed of in trash receptacle. Bird seed is allowed in moderation.  Rice, glitter and confetti will not  be permitted.  Under certain restrictions sparklers are not  allowed.  After the couple has exited the rentee is responsible for sweeping and cleaning of the porches.

 Are candles or open flames allowed?

No. Candles and open flames are not allowed.  Unity candles are an exception.  Smokers and BBQ grills are also not allowed.


Can we smoke inside the facility?

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the building or pavilion. A designated area is located outside.  Ash trays will be provided in these designated areas for your convince.  A fee will occur if cigarettes are found in other locations. 

 Do you provide alcohol?

No.  We do not provide alcohol. Events that allow alcohol will be charged a $200.00 security fee that is nonrefundable.  Alcohol may not be served to minors.  If anyone with The 80 Acres staff deems alcohol consumption to be excessive, the staff has the authority to close down all alcohol service and/or evict inebriated guests from the premises.  Illegal substances will not be tolerated.  There shall be no  firearms on The 80 Acres premises at anytime. 


What are the limitations on music volume?

Music volume must not disturb the neighbors.  Exterior music volume must be lowered by 11 p.m. so as not to be heard outside the building. 

 Is a pa system available?

No, we do not currently have a pa system available.


Use of Performances and Copyright Policy

The 80 Acres may from time to time take pictures and or moving images during the set-up, take down or actual event.  These images will remain the property or The 80 Acres.  All ownership (including copyright) as well as all other rights, title and interest in and to these recordings shall belong to The 80 Acres and the producing company and may be used for advertising for The 80 Acres. 


Each event has different needs and concerns.  The 80 Acres and our staff cannot possibly  cover everything in a contract and we reserve the right to address individual concerns as they arise.  I, the undersigned, have read and agree to the facility rental guidelines and policies as set forth in this contract.